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AHS Victory on Ethyl Alcohol Special Permit 9275; HM-233C

For many years, AHS has been an advocate for the consumer product ethyl alcohol Special Permit 9275, which was originally issued in 1986. We petitioned more than once for the adoption of the proven practice into the general regulations.

After much comment and debate, the agency proposed adoption, but with the mandate of a marking “Contains Ethyl Alcohol.” AHS and several air carriers resisted this confusing marking.

Finally, the amendment has been adopted without this marking for inner receptacles of 8 ounces glass or 16 ounces non-glass. To quote the Federal Register [Click to View], “After reviewing the history of this Special Permit, PHMSA found an adequate safety record for adoption into the HMR.” It has been a long time coming, we are pleased with our ultimate success.


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